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The Roma and Sinti Philharmonic have set themselves the goal of demonstrating and preserving the musical heritage of the Roma and Sinti with their centuries-old musical tradition and their diverse influences on classical music. They perform works that carry the stylistic influence of Roma and Sinti music. In addition, she created contemporary compositions as commissioned works that take up and process Roma and Sinti influences.



The Roma and Sinti Philharmonic see themselves as ambassadors for their culture, but also as a cross-national understanding across national and cultural borders. They want to set an example against common stereotypes about Roma and Sinti by demonstrating high-level professionalism and successful integration. They want to encourage everyone to find their individual place in society.

Philharmoniker (35).jpg

Alte Oper Frankfurt 2012, "Requiem for Auschwitz"

"I also wish the many bridge builders here in the hall that the Order of Merit helps expand their sphere of influence. I am thinking, for example, of the Roma and Sinti Philharmonic Orchestra, whose founder I would like to honor today."

At that time, Federal President Joachim Gauck on October 4, 2016 at Bellevue Palace during a ceremony for the award ceremony on the occasion of the Day of German Unity,

where Riccardo M Sahiti received the Cross of Merit on ribbon.

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