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  • The Roma and Sinti Philharmonic performed the "Requiem for Auschwitz" by Roger Moreno-Rathgeb for the first time in the Nieuwe Kerk Amsterdam in 2012. It was the beginning of an intensive and friendly collaboration with Roger Moreno-Rathgeb and the Roma and Sinti Philharmonic, which was to be followed by a dozen other performances in various cities in Europe.
  • The Roma and Sinti Philharmonic have set themselves the goal of continuing the "Requiem for Auschwitz" as a message of remembrance, reconciliation, international understanding and hope for a harmonious international coexistence.
  • An important signal of cross-cultural cooperation was the performance of the Requiem together with the Synagogal Ensemble Berlin in January 2020 in the Berlin Cathedral - the first performance of the Roma and Sinti Philharmonic Orchestra with a Jewish ensemble.
  • The orchestra wishes and plans further performances of the work: in Israel, the Vatican, the USA, Russia and Asia. In order to realize these big projects, the musicians need material and ideal supporters, cooperation partners and multipliers of the political conviction that the requiem has to announce a global message.
Requiem für Auschwitz mit dem Synagogal Ensemble Berlin im Berliner Dom im Januar 2020
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