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Supporters wanted!


The culture of the Roma and Sinti has given classical music such a wealth of musical inspiration that the Roma and Sinti Philharmonic Orchestra see it as a major task to interpret them on the major stages of Europe and to bring them back to life.


Every donation helps: Your support to the non-profit Philharmonic Association is of course tax-deductible.


The concerts of the Roma and Sinti Philharmonic have their price - the costs are not covered by the admission. Be generous and help us to realize further appearances !


Please transfer the funding amount you have selected with the note

"Support the Roma and Sinti Philharmonic" and your full name

to the account of the Philharmonic Association of Sinti and Roma Frankfurt am Main eV:

IBAN: DE32 5001 0060 0074 7736 07 BIC: PBNKDEFF


Talk to us ( ) in which form you can imagine other support for our work!



The Roma and Sinti Philharmonic musicians are all professionals who are involved in professional orchestras across Europe. They therefore accept long journeys to the project phases of the Philharmonic - sometimes over thousands of kilometers -, are represented in their regular orchestras and have to spend the night at the Philharmonic's rehearsal and concert venues. Additional costs arise from renting rehearsal and concert venues - the Philharmonic Orchestra has not yet had its own rehearsal location.


Despite institutional funding from the city of Frankfurt am Main and the state of Hesse, large orchestral projects are not possible without the help of foundations, funds and other institutions, private donors and cooperation partners. We would be happy if you were one of these supporters.


The Roma and Sinti Philharmonic Orchestra are grateful to many supporters of past concerts for contributing to the realization of impressive concert encounters. They also hope for further sponsors who appreciate and are ready to promote the cultural, political and international importance of the work of the Roma and Sinti Philharmonic Orchestra.

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