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Soloists with the

Roma and Sinti Philharmonic Orchestra performed:


Banica, Marius, violin


Benke, Thomas, piano


Dedu, Julian, violin


Foskolos, Péter, violin


Graf, Clara, violin


Hosszu-Legocky, Geza, violin


Kallai, Erno, violin


Kekeny, Zuly, double bass


Lakatos, Roby, violin


Lakatos, Szakcsi, piano


Lakatos, Tony, saxophone


Mangelsdorff, Emil, saxophone


Mehnert, Sarah, mezzo-soprano


Moldovan, Rodin, cello


Nagy, Béla, violin


Patkoló, Roman, double bass


Rácz, Antal, double bass


Rani-Adler, Scarlett, soprano


Roy, Sandro, violin


Ruszo, Alexandra, soprano


Schiffner, Felicitas, violin


Snétberger, Ferenc, guitar


Ursuleasa, Mihaela


Ursulet, Costel, Zimbal


Urziceanu, Gheorghe, violin


Weiss, Aaron, piano


Weiss, Jerome, piano


You can find vocal soloists who played music during the performances of the "Requiem for Auschwitz" here .


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